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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Watch - Tracks From The Alps (2014)

The Watch - Tracks From The Alps

  Originally known as the Night Watch, this Italian prog band has always modeled itself after the early Genesis era albums.   Tons of mellotron, acoustic guitar interludes, complex vocal harmonies and amazing songs.  Lead singer Simone Rossetti is a Peter Gabriel vocal brother with a distinctly unique voice that suits the music to perfection.


      Tracks From The Alps does not break any new musical territory but does provide us with another brilliant album in the discography of The Watch well worth owning.  What they have done on this album is try to break away from the cold hard Genesis reincarnated model and reallly blend in a more modern prog feeling.  In many ways it is not unlike the transition Genesis did from Selling England to "A Trick Of The Tail".

Dead Can Dance - Spleen and Ideal (1985)

Dead Can Dance - Spleen and Ideal

  "Spleen and Ideal" is the second album released by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard and the dawn of a new era for DCD parting ways with their goth genre tendencies.   Perry and Gerrard introduce us on this album to the sound that would come to define their unique approach to music with imaginative cosmic and mystically atmospheric songs.

  DCD albums are to live for and require your commitment to listening i order to really grasp.  When i was a young kiddi boo boo i would never have listened to is music but I discovered this band in University and since have never looked back.   I have followed this band very closely and have all their albums just finally getting around to spinning this gem again.

  DCD are best known as a band that would incorporate rare and uncommmon instruments into their music (Brandon Perry is a huge instrument collector) blending Eastern and World music elements into their captivating mystic stylings.  Everything is left to your imagination and every DCD album is to die for and "Spleen and Ideal" is pure heavengly magic !

Alex Pangman - 33 (2012)

Alex Pangman - 33

  Last week I heard this what I thought was an amazing 1930's tune by Alex Pangman and after a wee hunt I discovered her work.  Thanks to my grandma and grandpa I developed a love of jazz and the 30's/40's music.   If you know the Bladerunner soundtrack and the tune "one more kiss dear" which i have always loved then you know what this album sounds like!

 The music of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl era is full of depth and emotion with a certain positive gaiety and innocence that you only get from this era of sadness.

Alex Pangman is a bit of an anomaly......but a very talented anomaly for sure with her with her unique '30's styling and jazz vocalizations.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Anita O'Day - swings Cole Porter with Billy May (1959)

Anita O'Day - Swings Cole Porter

  Here is a ultrasonic cool album with two big un's.........Anita O'Day and Billy May interpreting the well known music of Cole Porter.  Of course Porter's music was used in film and stage for years and years and has been done by so many people.  What I like here is that May and O'Day have reinterpreted the songs a bit and it really does not play like a rehash of just the old songs.

  I have the 1991 Poygram CD copy and it also contains six extra songs from their sessions that never made the original LP back in 1959.

Vangelis - Mask (1985)

Vangelis - Mask

  When i was a kiddi boo boo I discovered the music of Vangelis......i remember buying Charriots of Fire and playing the soundtrack forever....followed by Blade Runner and then Spirals and the Jon Anderson connections and I never looked back.   "Mask" was a later discovery for me and an album I think I must have passed up on about a million times.

 One day I was at my local record store and the guy was spinning "Mask" and then I knew I had to grab it.   This album is comprised of six movements that weave and spin from dark sinister operatic almost segments to light pastoral almost angelic slices.

Listening to this album you get the sensation that you are in a motion picture and this is the soundtrack.

Duke Pearson - Wahoo (1964)

Duke Pearson - Wahoo

 "Wahoo" is an original self penned six track hard bop jazz masterpiece that you just gotta hear!  This is a crazy good album with tons of life and vim to keep everyone bobbin'.  Duke of course plays the piano while his best friend Donald Byrd (trumpet) along with James Spaulding (sax), Joe Henderson (sax), Bob Crenshaw (bass) and Mickey Roker (drums) round out the chemistry.

  Songs like "Amanda" and "Fly Little Bird Fly" will stick with you forever.  And just when you think you have figured out the whole album, Duke throws in a 2:35 catchy little pop piano piece to keep you on your toes.

 Wahoo both cries and laughs........simply brilliant jazz music for your mind

Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs (2013)

Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs

  Seattles' psych post rockers Rose Windows released "The Sun Dogs" in 2013 stirring the gods of space!  With songs being written by band leader Chris Cheveyo and lead singer Rabia Shaheen Qazi this album will captivate your mind!...at least it did mine!

Fans of Sigur Ros will likely love this album with their atmosphereic spaceiness and deep unhurried musical exploration into textures.   Lead vocalist Rabia Shaheen Qazi has a beautiful voice that soars above the sonic kaleidocopes of sound.   Rose Windows is a seven piece band with 3 guitarists, bass, drums, organ, vocals and flute.......

There is also a definite Persian- Eastern tinged carpet and incense feeling going on here.....what a magical carpet ride

 My favourite moment is the 10 mins epic tune "This Shroud" with its huge wall of Eastern infused psychedelic rock.

A fantastic band and a great debut album......one of my favourites from 2013!!