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Friday, October 31, 2014

Klaatu - Sir Army Suit (1978)

Klaatu - Sir Army Suit

"  It started off a routine day"....................

   Klaatu's albums are all amazing in their own way with Sir Army Suit holding a special spot in my childhood soundtrack.    The soug "A Routine Day" was like an anthem in my bedroom as i grew up (as was Calling Occupants) and i think i drove my mom nuts!

  Klaatu wrote some amazing and totally captivating songs which rank right up there as extra special for this music lover!  Klaatu mix pop, rock and prog in their music and although this album is less prog focused as their HOPE or EST albums it still stands up on its own accord!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sammy Davis / Count Basie - Our Shining Hour (1965)

Sammy Davis/Count Basie - Our Shining Hour

  As a kid my mom used to adore Sammy Davis and as a result I grew up appreciating his musical sense.   Sammy was a crooner but he had a very original and expressive voice and could he ever sing!  "Our Shining Hour" is one of his finest jazz moments with the huge sound of Count Basie!   This album was arranged and conducted by Quincy Jones as well so you k ow it gonna rock!

  I love the tune "Blues for mr. Charlie" with Sammy's emotive voice and Basie's jazz blues aura....pure magic!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark (1974)

Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark

  Court and Spark was my first Joni Mitchell album I ever bought and with Blue and Clouds are some of my favourite folk albums of all time.  Joni draws on some good musical friends to help her do some Courting including David Crosby, Graham Nash, Joe Sample, Cheech and Chong , Larry Calton, Jose Felicano and Robbie Robertson.

  Court is an album full of Mitchell's unique musical poetry with harmony in both her vocals, lyrics and music.  Her music is a bit of an acquired taste i will admit but you gotta just love Joni!

Her music is super expressive and full of deep conviction and meaning.  Musically these songs are well crafted and edge on progressive styling at times.

Steve Hackett - Voyage Of The Acolyte (1975)

Steve Hackett - Voyage Of The Acolyte

  "Voyage" is one of the great prog albums IMHO.  I loved it years ago and I still play it frequently!   Voyage was Steve's first solo album after leaving the mighty Genesis and here he shows up with both Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford helping take the Voyage.

  Shadow Of The Hierophant was a song I played over and over and still for me is the hallmark song on this album blending a mix of Genesis and Mike Oldfield.  Of course Sally Oldfield sings with her folk lore gentle voice.  Hackett plays guitars all over this album and adds mellotron and effects while brother John contributes flutes, synths and bells.

  This album is one that you best enjoy with the stereo turned up and the lights slightly dimmed......amazing auras and deep analog mellotron to fill your ears.

The Lonnie Brooks Band - Turn On The Night

The Lonnie Brooks Band - Turn On The Night

Paul McCartney - Press To Play

Paul McCartney - Press To Play

  Press to Play was like McCartney's 16th album and another great album full of pop tunes.  This album is often slagged by Maccan fans but I think its an excellent album.  Helping out Paul is Jerry Marotta, Phil Collins and Pete Townshend.

The Knack - Round Trip

The Knack - Round Trip