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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Spaced Out (1969)

Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Spaced Out

The full title of this 1969 release reads: Enoch Light presents Spaced Out, exploratory trips through the music of Bach, Bacharach, and The Beatles, integrating the Moog, the Guitar Scene, Electric Harpsichords, Flugelhorns, 

My LP also has an orange sticker claiming this to be "The First New Concept since the Percussion Era".

This is a superb moog drenched Project 3 LP from the spund master Enoch Ligt and his Light Brigade.    I just love the 60's psychedlia of this album in both is creative front and back cover as well as trippy stereophonic sound.   You cant help but look at this cover and not think of Barbarella...although this one here is wearing a tin foil bikini.......omg

  Musically this is an awesome album with tons of vocal harmonies and cool instrumentation and orchestration throughout.  The sound as with all of Project 3 vinyl pressings is audiophile with great clarity and carefull mastering.  This album is the trippiest thing I have ever heard from Enoch Light.

John Martyn - Sapphire (1984)

John Martyn - Sapphire

  Sapphire continues John Martyn' exploration into pure 80's soft pop rock while maintaning his characteristics.   No question this album is not as good as his early albums like "Solid Air" and "bless the weather" but regardless there are some excellent songs and standout Martyn moments here.

  Martyn had a very soft nasal/throat like unique sound and thus is immediately recognizable.

Offenbach - Le Dernier Show (1985)

Offenbach - Le Dernier Show (1985)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Omar Khorshid - Belly Dance (1974)

Omar Khorshid - Belly Dance

  The first time I heard Omar Khorshid was from my audiophile buddy Jeff who played one of his tunes and I had to find one of his vinyl albums.   Audiophiles treasure Khorshid's albums as one of the holy grails of sound dynamics and I can hear why now......

  Musically this is waaaaaay cool Arab inspired Psychedelic music wrapped around the genre of Belly Dancing.   Lots of hand percusssion and finger symbols to boot.....

Of course the main attraction is the stellar guitar work of Omar Khorshid who picks and frets his fingers to the bone.   This is the first of three Belly Dance albums in this series and I am going to hunt down the other two as well.

  The first time I played this album my mother-in-law thought I had belly dancers in my music room!

Khorshid even does a psychy belly dance raga of "Never on Sunday" which made me howl with some cheesie organ accompany him..........but it works

This is a great album!

Radio Moscow - Magical Dirt (2014)

Radio Moscow - Magical Dirt (2014)

Freddie Hubbard - The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard (1962)

Freddie Hubbard - The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard (SACD)

  "The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard," one of two albums the trumpeter made for the Impulse label during a hiatus from Blue Note.

  Recorded July 2, 1962 By Rudy Van Gelder and Bob Thiele.  Hubbarc (trumpet) surrounds himself with quite a musical crew comprised of Curtis Fuller (trombone), Tom Flanagan (piano), Sun Ra's tenor saxist John Gilmore, Art Davis (bass) and Louis Hayes on the skins!

As usual both Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman did a masterful job on the careful remastering  to this lovely SACD format.  The sound is truely rich and full with little to no distortion and a wonderful soundscape.

Larry Coryell Better Than Live (1978)

Larry Coryell  - Better Than Live