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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Johnny Hammond - Wild Horses Rock Steady (1971)

Johnny Hammond - Wild Horses Rock Steady

  "Wild Horses..." Is a stunning jazz-soul-fusion album and another masterpiece from Creed Taylor's KUDU/04 label.    The tune "who is Sylvia" is amazing and borders on the psychedelic edge.  The lineup on this album is also something out of this world with George Benson, Billy Cobham, Melvin Sparks, Ron Carter, Airto and Grover Washinton Jr..

Sharks - First Water (1973)

Sharks - First Water

  In 1973 Chris Spedding teamed up with Andy Fraser (from the band Free) to create a great rock album not unlike the sound of The Who and Bad Company.  Lead singer Snips has a pretty cool rough rock voice somewhere in a range of Rod Stewart.

 This album rocks !

  Back a few years ago I got into the music of Chris Spedding and that path led me to discover the music of Sharks.  There is not a bad track on this album and Spedding's guitar work is just fantatsic!

  This is the kind of album vinyl pickers die to find and are treasures in your collection

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Johnny Cash - The Fabulous (1958)

Johnny Cash - The Fabulous  Johnny Cash

  The Fab Johnny Cash was his first album for Columbia Records moving away from his long prior relationship with Sun Records.  There is not a bad song on this album with mostly just Johnny and his acoustic Gibson guitar.  Each song is like a story with Cash telling the tale verse by verse with his lonely guitar sounds.  "Id rather die young" is an incredible moment for Johnny Cash with some great guitar work and sombre vocals and lyrics......everybody should hear this song!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters (1973)

Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters

 If you are into funk then you already know a ton about this album and likely simply adore it from start to finish...for the rest go out and buy this essential funk jam!  

   Hugely influential, this album remains a staple in funk, hip hop and fusion genres.   This was certainly the most funkafried album Hancock had ever recorded blending the xperimentalism from his tenure with Miles Davis and the avante- Garde themes from his previous efforts all on one album.

  Hancock's electronic and polyphonic keys blend to perfection with the groovey beats and bops of his amazing band of fellow musicians.

Who's That Man - A Tribute To Conny Plank (2014)

Who's That Man - A Tribute To Conny Plank (2x LP)

In late 2000 we lost German engineering maverick Conny Plank who was responsible for so many great Krautrock Lp's over the years.  Conny was responsible for Eno, Moebelius, Kraftwerk, Neu!, Grobschnitt, Jane, Can and tons of others Tier A , B and C prog and psych bands.....far too many to mention !

Who's That Man is a tribute album in memory of Conrad Plank and spans 4 CD's of assorted tracks he produced over the years from a wide myriad of artists.  The double vinyl set is a smaller summary of his work but considering the vinyl format I just not pass this up.

  Included in this small snippet of Plank's recording career is a track from Neu!, Dusseldorf, Ibliss, Moebius and Plank, Roedelius, Phew, DAF, Michael Rother and the early Eurythmics.

I love this double vinyl compilation and can not stop playing it..........it is just that good and the sound is fantastic !

Simply brilliant career and a huge figure in prog and psych arenas and this compilation is killer stuff although only a small sample of his work and engineering brilliance!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jethro Tull - Broadsword and the Beast (1982)

Jethro Tull - Broadsword and the Beast

  "Broadsword" was something like the 15th album released by proggers Jethro Tull and is far too oft slagged IMHO!  

 Tull were having to reform band members with the loss of Both John Glascock and John Evans.  On Broadsword they were replaced by ex- Yardbirds member Peter-John Vettese and Fairport Convention's bassist David Pegg.

 Musically this is a softer album for Jethro Tull with a less prog flavour and more power pop rock leanings.   There are also a more 80's feel in the production and keyboard work yet still 100%  Jethro Tull.

Martin Barre's guitar work is excellent and really stands out on this album.  I think this is an excellent album with some great song writing and that is why I think I like this album so much.  It might lack the prog 70's characteristics but the music is still rich and powerful.

I think the depth of the vocal harmonies is really another very unique addition to the music on this album.

  Highlites for me is the catchy and harmonic  "Flying Colours", "Broadsword" and "Pussy Willow".

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jimmy McGriff & Groove Holmes - Dueling Organs

Jimmy McGriff & Groove Holmes - Dueling Organs

This is a vinyl re-release in 1979 of the 1974 classic album "Giants of the Organ Come Together" featuring the lead organ work of Jimmy McGriff and Groove Holmes.   These guys chalk up some pretty cool funk inspired organ drenched grooves!

 I love the way they each exchange solos and seem to pass the spoltlight seemlessly back and forth.  Helping round out the band are O'Donel Levy, George Freeman, Bernard Purcie and Kwas Jayouen.