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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Black Sabbath (1970)

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

  One of the pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath's debut album simply rocks!   Tony Iommi's heavy stompin guitar riffs, Geezer Butlers' deep bass lines and Ossie Osbourne (as is printed on the back cover) evil and satanic vocals harping over the band in an almost ritualistic vein!

  God i grew up listening to this stuff and I still love it......

  The album opens up with the self titled classic " Black Sabbath" which set the tone for the whole album.   If you have the UK version of this album then instead of "Wicked World" you get the cover version of Crow's "Evil Woman".  Both versions and songs are great ....take your pick.

  Sabbath always had that slow blues rock progressions mostly due apparantly to Iommi's loss of two finger tips causing him to play slower.   Regardless of why , this album established the sound and style of Black Sabbath which all albums thereafter drew from.

.....simply a classic of the metal genre

Monday, October 20, 2014

Plan 9 - Keep Your Cool and Read the Rules (1985)

Plan 9 - Keep Your Cool And Read The Rules

   Plan 9 were categorized as Neo-Psych and released a number of cool early albums that did really fit the categorization.   As the years went on Plan 9's music took on a more straight forward rock sound. "keep your cool" was the cross over album with lots of craziness and psychy elemenst with some great rock grooves.

In many way I think these guys were turned on by what Byrne was doing with the Talking Heads as well as the rawness of the Fuzztones and the insanity of the B52's.

  Lots of Farfisa organ too on this album which always grabs me on any album.   The music is dark, spooky and psych punk all the way.....

Fans of the Fuzztones will adore is album!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Xoo Multiples (1980)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Xoo Multiples

 The Yellow Magic Orchestra were Japaneese pioneers of electronica only second to KRAFTWERK really.   Their sounds was analog digital with some great synth and electronic fueled songs.  Thier early two albums are amongst my favs of this genre and there is nothing wrong either with their fourth album XOO Multiples.
  This is kind of a wild album with pretty much everything tossed into the barrell....including a wild very of the Beatles classic " Day Tripper".

  If u are not familiar with the YMO then you likely have not discovered the genius of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Michael Stanley Band - Stage Pass (1976)

Michael Stanley Band - Stage Pass  (2 LP Live)

Wow....what a great double live album full of great rock 'n roll!   I really did not know a lot about the MSB at the time I bought this set but i remember just loving it on first listen.

Stage Pass was recorded live over three nights in their home Ohio.

The Beatles - Let it Be .....Naked

The Beatles - Let It Be.....Naked

  Ok so who doesnt just love "Let It Be"?  I mean its just a sensational pop rock album.  For years all i knew was the Phil Spector produced version with that " wal of production sounds" and forced orchestration.

    In sharp contrast this is a much skinnier version and is aply named NAKED for this reason.   Songs like "Across the Universe" sound very different and I caught myself saying "hey that isnt right" which is kinda funny!

  The LP version comes with an extra 7" vinyl single containing some pretty priceless studio conversation with the Beatles.   It also comes with a lovely detailed book full of rare and cool pics of the boys in the studio.

The vinyl sounds superb and I much prefer over the RBCD version.

  Im in live for the first time...dont you know its gonna last

Annie Lennox - Nostalgia (2014)

Annie Lennox - Nostalgia

  I cover the waterfront emotes Dear Annie Lennox in one of twelve of her classic songs covered on "Nostalgia".   Annie puts her pop shoes on hold on this album and delivers an enduring album of deep emotion and crooner styled songs.

  What a great album full of soul and spirit as only Annie Lennox can do.......imagine Annie singing Billie Hiliday, Hoagy Carmichael, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington tunes and you pretty much have it!  

I was a fan of this album from the first song to the last and cant stop playing this LP!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

B52's - Whammy! (1983)

B52's - Whammy!

  After the unsuccessful collaboration album with David Byrne "Mesopotamia" the B52's turned back to their vintage selves and crafted an excellent 60's styled pop infused release.

  The B52's are not musical heavy weights by any stretch of the imagine but they can sure write some cool pop tunes.  My god i grew up with is band with Rock Lobster as a part of my soundtrack  to my childhood.

Whammy! Was the fourth album released and contains of theie fan favourites tracks including "Legal Tender", "Whammy Kiss" and my favourite "Song For A Future Generation".

If you have the original vinyl edition then you have their rendition of Yoko Ono's "Dont Worry" which due to legalities was omitted from the CD release and replaced with "Moon 83".