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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dizzy Reece - Blues In Trinity (1958)

Dizzy Reece - Blues In Trinity (1958) Connoisseur
  For those who love jazz like me will love Blues In Trinity......

  Likely you are asking who the heck is Dizzy Reece?  Well he was an UK born trumpeter who played the European circuit and soon found himself recording in Paris with the likes of Donald Byrd and Art Taylor.     Blues in trinity was the first of four Reece albums and on the Connoisseur blue note series is given the extra treatment with SBM mastering and 2 dynamite bonus track.   "I had the craziest dream" is worth the price for this album alone.....an old WWII song brought back to life.....
  Of course the centerpiece of the album is the ten minute "close up " which gives Donald Byrd a few spots to help Reece out..........wow !
  Sonically this disc is pretty awesome and was very well originally recorded.


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