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Monday, August 6, 2012

Donald Byrd - Kofi (1969)

Donald Byrd - Kofi , 1969 Rare Groove Series 

  The 70's was a creative time for music and jazz started to change with the dawn of fusion. Miles was breaking new ground with "Bitches Brew" and Donald Byrd was doing the same as you can hear on Kofi! This is a superb album with some amazing musicianship and killer beats and grooves. In fact this is from Blue Notes' rare groove series ( which is one my personal favourites) so you just know that it must really groove baby! On "Kofi" Byrd is very concerned with sound and space.... Musically this is fusion era Hancock meets Miles Davis. I love the heavy use of the echoplexed, Herbie Hancock-like Fender Rhodes on "Perpetual Love" provide lush and vivid backdrops for Byrd and tenor saxophonist Frank Foster (who is absolutely fantastic on this record) to undertake some of the best soloing of their respective careers. Keyboardist Duke Pearson, bassist Ron Carter, Byrd, Foster, and drummer/percussionist Airto who makes his debut appearance on this album!!!!! The title epic song which opens the albums song features the standout flute of Lew Tabakin who sounds like Jethro Tull meets Miles Davis.... A fantastic album that I would highly recommend to all lovers of space jazz or for those who are willing to step out of the ordinary.

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