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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart (2010)

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart, Jagjaguwar Records (2010)

  Black Mountain's 3rd album is yet another wonderful and powerful album!  Once again they play with a sound like an ode to the forefathers.....Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.   Stephen McBean fuzzed out guitars along with Amber Webber's vocals creates a combo that you have to hear.  Let me say that Wilderness Heart is not for the "weak at heart" with its thumping and pounding bass and drum interplay.  This album was nicely recorded and sounds fantastic on a good stereo.  This album is less progressive than their previous "In The Future" and feels more stripped down and straight forward.    
  This album has the right mix of organ pumps and synth runs as well helping to create that  BIG WALL OF SOUND they love to play within.    Overall a striking album with some great songs and a real heavy vibe that you don't hear much these days anymore.   

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