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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hudson & Ford - Nickelodeon (1973)

Hudson and Ford - Nickelodeon, A&M Records (1973) 

  Best known as 2 key members in the folk / prog outfit THE STAWBS and the 70's punk band THE MONKS ...yes the same dudes who played "Drugs In My Pocket" their debut album "Nickelodeon" is a long lost gem from the 70's.  John Ford (bass) and Richard Husdon (drums) left the Strawbs and recorded this album in 1974 grabbing Yes' keyboardist RICK WAKEMAN for this short stint.  The end result was a well crafted and highly memorable album with some very strong songs and musical highlites.   

      Sitar fans will love the inclusion of this instrument on this recording as well!  The album is quite varied actually and ranges from powerpop to folk to Beatle'esque moments (ie. "I wanted you" ).  I actually dont think this recording has even been officially released on CD which is too bad for those who dont still have a turntable.   

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