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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Porcupine Tree - Recordings (2011)

Porcupine Tree - Recordings  (180g vinyl)

   Recordings was kind of a b-sides plus kind of album i think designed for purists...of which I think i might be one of!    Much of the material on this compilation is from both albums Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun plus a few extras.   This album opens up with one of my fav PT songs "buying new soul" which absolutely captivated me the first time i heard this 11 mins epic track !

 It is amazing to think that these guys can write so many b-side songs this good.  I can remember buying and just marvelling at the "SHESMOVEDON" CD singles which included both songs "cure for optimism" and "untitled".  Both songs were destined to land on Lightbulb Sun but did not make the cut in the final analysis!

  There are other gems too on this album like the 3:00 pop-prog "Disappear" or the psychocapsule'd "In Formaldehyde" .

 The other highlite for me is the inclusion of the 14 minutes version of "Even less" which i always thought of should have been the version included in stupid dream.

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