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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon (1969)

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon  (180g Vinyl)

   "Blue Afternoon" was Jazz-prog-folk legend Tim Buckley's fourth and his first self-produced album.    Buckley stepped away from the more overtly psychedelia on this album and really focused on producing an album of deep thought and personal melancholy.  Joining Buckley is jazz guitarist Lee Underwood and the tonal vibes of David Freedman.  

  Blue Afternoon is very aply titled as the overall album carries a soft mid afternoon feel tomit with a fair degree of reflective vocals and emotive lyrics.  

Tim Buckley was a wonderful song writer and his simple, clear and straightforward vocals allows the listen to feel his lyrics in support of his music.  

Highlight for me is the intoxicating "Chase The Blues Away" which I think is a perfect blend of folk and blues into a song that will make the hair on your arms stand up!  

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