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Friday, December 26, 2014

IQ - The Road Of Bones (2014)

IQ - The Road Of Bones (3 x LP)

  IQ have been one of my favourite prog bands for a long time and they never seem to get old or redundant to my ears.    Here is their latest offering....a deeply moving album of massive music and thought provoking lyrics of the master Peter Nicholls.   Longtime drummer Paul Cook returns as does  long time bass player Tim Esau which were from the original lineup.....all we need is Martin Orford and then we have a total reunion!   Keyboardist Neil Durant however makes up perfectly well for absence again of Martin Orford with his huge arsenal of vintage and modern synths.

Just listen to the last section of "Without Walls" and you will see what amazing almost heavengly things IQ can do !

Breathtaking..........just breathtaking!!!!

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