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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Francis Dunnery - Tall Blonde Helicopter (1995)

Francis Dunnery - Tall Blonde Helicopter

  Tall Blonde Helicopter was the third album released by UK's Francis Dunnery who left his progressive rock roots behind (it bites) to pursue his solo career musical interests.   For me it was in his post "It Bites"-era that I became really interested in what he was doing and have snagged a number of his solo albms with this one rising to the top!

  Dunnery is a wonder songwriter and every song on this album is excellent with tons of great guitar work.

  Songs like "in my dreams", "too much Saturn" and "48 hours" how did this album not rise to the top and get a whole lot more interest i'll never know !   This album is just fantastic with Francis playing most of the instruments and even sharing a duet with Jill Sobule on "rain or shine".

  Francis is a fantastic guitarist, singer and songwriter.......just the total package........

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