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Thursday, February 7, 2013

IQ - Tales From The Lush Attic (1983)

IQ - Tales From The Lush Attic (2013 remix)

    Years ago when I discovered that progressive rock wasnt dead I bought IQ's "Tales From The Lush Attic" and remember listening to this so much that my wife-to-be would sing the synth intro to the title track all the time !    

      This was another one of those albums that i just could not put down and has become one of my favourite prog albums of the 80's!   My only criticism was the lack lustre sound from the original mix, but thanks to Mike Holmes (guitarist in IQ) we now have the definitive version of this album.  Without overwriting or removing the original charactistics , this album has finally received a necessary sonic facelift and it now feels so fresh and new!   

  This mix finally allows us to hear much wider and deeper aspects than ever possible before. Lead singer Peter Nicolls sounds 

   There are tons of extras as well which are all intriguing to those who adore IQ.  The one extra that is just superb is the inclusion on a new 2012 version of a song deleted off the album and is here as a bonus track titled "Wintertell".   IQ fans will know and likely have this song already as it appeared on 1999's The Lost Attic CD but this is a new version as well and a real hidden gem amongst the lot.

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