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Friday, February 1, 2013

Xela - For Frosty Mornings And Summer Nights (2003)

Xela - For Frosty Mornings And Summer Nights

   It it werent for Kraftwerk I doubt I would have honestly ever developed a love of good electronica. I heard the song "afriad of monsters" on a CD sampler that i picked up somewhere along the way and I had to find the album right away.  
  Xela is the genius of John Twells who recorded this little electronic album that just breathes life and soul which may seem wild considering it is just a wee unassuming album full of simple beeps and clicks......but there is just something magnetic album this album and I find myself going back to it year after year.   

  There are times when i thought there was something wrong with my stereo when i heard the static discharge and electromagnetic thing going on.......but it was all as per plan!

  The whole album ebbs and flows with a gentle electronic nostalgic vibe that is hard to really describe, but it really is a cool little album.   Xela uses electrostatic-like percussion which really contrasts the gentle electronic landscape that Dwells inside Twells!

    Static discharge never sounded so good

Another album you just gotta hear!

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