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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snowy White - Melting (1998)

Snowy White - Melting (same as Little Wing)

 I first met Snowy White on Richard Wright's (Pink Floyd keyboardist) first solo album "Wet Dreams".  I remember thinking just how good a guitaristnwe was on that album and actually thought it was David Gilmour.

  Well fast forward many years later to his album "melting" where he has hooked up again with the blues rock duo known as The White Flames.   The end result is a great album of prog blues rock with the distictive vocals and guitar work of this master musician.

Musically this albums has hints of The Dire Straits, bits of Camel and even a tad of RUSH and Mr. Big to boot!   

My favourite song off the album is the Southern deep blues inspired song "ill be moving over" which ends up somewhere in the Pink Floyd rhealm.    And speakng of Floyd, on the last track "sorrow" mr. David Gilmour makes a guest appearance lending his guitar wizardry.

"Melting" is an excellent and intelligent blues rock album with some fantastic guitar and songs!

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