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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tommy Roe - Phantasy (1967)

Tommy Roe - Phantasy (1967)

  In my early grade schools days at E.T. Carmichael Mrs. Rinaldo taught us to dance to a song "Dizzy" and many years later I discovered the other magic of Tommy Roe's Phantasy album.   Its funny how sometimes things connect like the music in this case of Tommy Roe.....who would have ever thought?

  "Phantasy" is a great pop-psych album with a good dose of flower inspired psychedelia and memorable songs.  Roe had a very plain but expressive voice that really fits the paisley-infused  music on this album.  

  The song "Melancholy Mood" is one of the great 60's underground psych tunes IMHO!  

  The whole Album is quite a little trip actually albeit on a 27 mins album.

  Fans of sunshine psychedelic music will need to get this album!

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