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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Frank Sinatra - Only The Lonely (1958)

Frank Sinatra - Only The Lonely

  Growing up with a musical mother who adored Frankie and simply loved this album made it extra special for me to play it again after all these years.   Sinatra was often spining on my mom's Akai turntable thru her Pioneer tube amp andbyes the sound of "only the lonely" graced my ears.

   "Hey drink up....all you people" emotes a very solemn Frank Sinatra as he delivers one of his finest and truely deepest moving albums.     This album follows the same formula as his previous recordings, but the tone is noticely darker and more desperate.   Sinatra recorded this with Nelson Riddle who employed a larger orchestra for the album than in the past, which gave this album a different feel and mood.

  This is THE perfect late night cafe album......and the perfect album when you need a little melancholy feeling or just feel like a slower pace to life!

  Sinatra was just so brilliant and this album really captures IMHO one of his finest Capitol Records moments.

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