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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Johnny Griffin - The Little Giant (1959)

Johnny Griffin - The Little Giant XRCD

   If you looking for a very cool jazz album that just never stops then look no further my friends.......

  Don DeMicheal in Downbeat magazine said that "this is fist-clenching, head shaking jazz filled with exclamation marks" which is the perfect discription for this album.

  Griffin was one of T-Monk's band of merry men way back and was considered one of the great post-bepop artists from the 50's. "The little giant" deserves a lot more recognition than it has received and is sadly overlooked far too often.    And just look at the line up with Blue Mitchell on the trumpet and Wynton Kelly on the piano and the amazing Albert "Tootie" Heath on the drums.   Of course Johnny Griffin plays his heart out on the tenor sax and although known for his rather frenzied approach actually plays in a more reserved manner on this album.
  This album offers amazing drumming and great piano work all the way through and everone gets to really help support Griffin.  This was actually one of the albums that hooked me on Wynton Kelly as he does such a great job on through this recording.
  This is the Japanese XRCD release from 1995 and sounds beautifully bright , electric and alive!
An absolute essential jazz album !

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