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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nino Ferrer - Métronomie (1971)

Nino Ferrer - Métronomie

   Nino Ferrer's "Métronomie" was released in 1971 and basically blended French pop, folk , Psychedelic elements that culminate into a great little art rock album that needs to be rediscovered!  
  Prior to Métronomie, Ferrer had not stepped too far from the pop scene but as things changed so too did his approach as captured on this album.  IMHO this is Ferrer's most creative and interesting album from his discography. 
    The albums up with an awesome 10 minute epic instrumental title track that sounds like something of a mix of Caravan meets Le Orme meets Emerson Lake and Palmer..complete with seagulls, TV clips and a number of liftoff countdowns (everyone's favorite!).  

  The whole album is a definite concept approach with songs blending into each other and offers a wide musical spectrum.  Lots of great percussion on this album and tons of excellent keyboard work too.  Ferrer uses lots of sound effects throughout the album making this an excellent headphone experience album. My favourite song is a tune called "cannabis"......gee i wonder what inspired this one ??????? But regardless of the puzzling inspiration this song is just a stone cold winner!  

This is the  kind of music that mothers will claim is far out!!!!!

  My CD copy is actually I think a vinyl transfer, but is a very good one that offers very good playback sound.  This is a great album to put the ol headphones on for......lots of stereo panning and complex things going on that really keep you moving.

In many ways this album feels like one of those vivid nightmares you had as a kid !!

An excellent album !!!

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