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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No-Man - Flowermouth (1993)

No-Man - Flowermouth

   With odes to minimalism, chill beat and art rock genres,  No-Man's Flowermouth is an album like no others.   Flowermouth is full of lavish orchestration, deep and resonating tones and a certain tranquility with a creative calmness all surrounding it. Musically this is deep contemplative music as sung by Tim Bowness put to the creative instrumentation of Steve Wilson.  
   On a number of No-Man albums King Crimson's Robert Fripp made a guest appearance as he did on Flowermouth.  Wilson also ropes in the likes of Richard Barbieri , Steve Jansen, Chris Maitland (the usual suspects) to assist in musically portraying this album.  
   And to top it all off Lisa Gerard's voice of Dead Can Dance graces this album on "Simple".  Steve Wilson sampled her voice and incorporated it into the song and liked it so much that he gave her credit for guest appearing on the album !
   Flowermouth is a great pop-synth-aart-rock album that get my vote as an album you JUST GOTTA HEAR ! 

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