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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Zombies - Greatest Hits (1964-1968)

The Zombies - Greatest Hits (1964-1968) SACD

   Colin Blunstone had the voice of an angel.....

  The Zombies are one of my favourite bands of alltime and sadly they really only released  a few albums in their short life.   Normally I would not review a greatest hits albums as "an album that you just gotta hear" category, but this one deserves the exception.    

 First off this is just a great collection of 20 Zombies songs...a few that unless you own the Zombies box set you likely have not heard before.  I would have prefered of course a larger representation from "Odyssey and Oracle" but hey.....that may just be me!  But on the other hands I was pleased that  "Just out of reach" was included from the movie soundtrack "bunny lake is missing".  Most of the songs featured on this compilation are from the first LP "Begin Here" which is more in the early Beatles mode and slightly less mature than "Odyssey".  There is even a few B-side cuts which again makes this a nice little compilation for fans of The Zombies.

  This disc was compiled and mastered for SACD by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray......so you know that the sound is going to be good......and that is an understatement!    Hoffman has brought these 20 songs to life with a wide soundscape and depth that I never would never have thought possible.  For example the song "i remember when i loved her" has a full vocal harmony as if Colin was sitting right beside you as he sings along to the vividly clear acoustic guitar work of Paul Atkinson.
  The other great aspect with this SACD is the deep and full bass lines......something I never really heard until I experienced this disc.   

  This disc is a treasure and if you have a SACD player and a fan of 60's rock then you NEED to own this disc...........

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