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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Anthony Phillips - The Geese and the Ghost (1977)

Anthony Phillips - The Geese and the Ghost 
   If you are a fan of 70's Genesis then "The Geese and the Ghost" is absolutely essential!   This album carries all the English charm of "wind and wuthering" and "a trick of the tail" with some succulent songs and progressive passages.  In many way I think of this album as what genesis would have sounded like if they had filled Hackett's absence with Anthony Phillips.

    Phillips had the assistance of both Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford of Genesis on this album with John Hackett on flutes.   Phillips wrote all the songs and  co produced the album with Mike Rutherford.  

  Musically this highly expressive album will captivate your attention as it transports you into a magical world of lutes, dragons and war.  

  Anthony phillips played his final gig with Genesis on July 18th, 1970 and shortly after wrote a good chunk of this album but it was not finally recorded and released for a number of years later.  I will never forget the first time hearing this album as a Genesis fan put me on to it and still to this day remains one of my favourite prog rock albums in my collection!

  Music like this will bring out emotions and feelings in ways you can explain.......

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