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Friday, November 15, 2013

Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique Volume 3 (2013)

Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique Volume 3

  This ain't for the young at heart......

  However, if you are a space cadet.....or fan of early polyphonic analogue synth music then this is right down your alley!

  Of course Klaus Schulze was one of the pioneers of vintage electronica with a rich and large past volume of work for you to discover.     I have been a fan of Schulze for a long time and own a ton of his 70's albums.    I was pretty excited to discover the rerelease of these lost gems as i did not invest in the previous bootleg lots available back a number of years ago (Silver Edition, Historic Edition, and Jubilee Edition).  But dont let the bootleg word or fact that these were not officially release as the music is stunning......as is the sound.

   Volume 3 is a 3 cd set that cover unreleased and studio work from Schulze's golden 70's era where he was very prolific.  The SPV label have pressed these vintage recordings onto silver cd's and NOT CDR's like the MIP label did on earlier cd pressings.....    There is also a small booklet to detail a bit about each song which helps from a collectors perspective.  

  Fans of Klaus' Seminal 70's albums like TIMEWIND or MOONDAWN will die for this 3 disc collection.   There are two killer 20 mins + songs that will teleport you into another dimension!

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