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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brendan Perry - Eye Of The Hunter (1999)

Brendan Perry - Eye Of The Hunter 

  Brendan Perry has the voice of a ghost......meditative, baritone, tranquil and precise with unparalleled emotion and conviction.   Of course Perry is likely better known as one of the pair that make up the band DEAD CAN DANCE where he shares the spotlight with Lisa Gerrard.

  "Eye of the Hunter" is Perry's debut album on 4AD label (the same label that brought you all the vintage DCD albums) so taht should provide a bit of insight into the artistic approach.    

  Each song is dark and foreboding with deep tones and gothic-like sonics.    Right from the start of the album the listener is drawn under Perry's trance which reveals a beautiful journey as you get deeper into the album.   This is a very special artist who makes every inch count on his album and puts every bit of what he can of himself into the music.  

   This is one of those albums that put on, dim the lights and enjoy your glass of red wine to.  The whole album is moody yet chalked full of character and depth. 

   The music of Brendan Perry is music to Live by !



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