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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Steeleye Span - Below The Salt (1972)

Steeleye Span -  Below The Salt 

   "Below The Salt" was British folk-rock Steeleye Span's 4th album and represents for me one of their finest albums.   Maddy's vocals are bold, sharp and definite and i think is one of her strongest contributions.   There is a slightly harder edge to this album and what is crazy is that although there are no drums on the album the instruments do a great job to fill this gap.....especially the bass guitar work (check out the tune King Henry with its percussive bass work!)

  Steeleye Span added Bob Johnson and Rick Kemp in place of  Martin Carthy and Ashley Hutchings on this album which bring in a harder folk edge.  Every song on this album is fantastic and the albums runs right thru with great song after song. 

  The Christmas hymnal "Gaudette" is a classic Steeleye Span track with heavingly 19th century-like vocal harmonies and holiday flare.  

  A hearty album that you just gotta hear !!!

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