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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stan Rogers - Turnaround (1978)

Stan Rogers - Turnaround

  If it weren't for my wife's aunt  I may never have seriously listened to Canada's Stan Rogers.  after being absolutely hooked on "Fogarty's Cove" (1976) I had to pick up his second album "Turnaround".

 The structure of Stan's music never really wanes too far from pure Folk but on Turnaround he added a slight Celtic-Rock element into the album.  The song "Oh No...Not I" has a very strong "Jethro Tull feel" to it and if it weren't for the accordion solo (vs flute) your swear Mr. Ian Anderson just came on the LP !

I think "Turnaround" is an amazing album and contains some of Rogers' best songs he ever wrote and recorded.   "Dark Eyed Molly" and "Song Of A Candle" are also great examples of just how good a song writer Stan was!

  Sadly we lost Stan Rogers in 1983 on a fatal plane accident with apparently his ashes being spread out fittingly in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia.

  Stan Rogers blended some new elements into his Maritime-infused sound on this album and thus the fitting title of "Turnaround".   Stan had a very distinctive and IMHO fantastic baritone voice and was an excellent guitarist.

  His albums were very well recorded and I think this one gets also top marks for recording clarity and sonic beauty.

  Turn this music up and head to the East Coast my friends.......... 

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