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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tom Newman - Faerie Symphony & Other Stories (1977)

Tom Newman - Faerie Symphony & Other Stories

"Faerie Symphony & Other Stories" is a beautiful album that needs to be closely listened to.  

Tom Newman may not be immediately recognized by his name alone,  but if I was to say "Tubular Bells" then I am pretty sure you'd nod !
  Yes...it's the same Tom Newman....the guy who helped record , produce and perform on Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells.  He and soon after Mike Oldfield were amongst the first to join Richard Branson's Virgin Record label.
   Tom also released a number of solo albums and even was in a great early psychedelic band called JULY (which I have reviewed earlier).

Aptly titled "Faerie Symphony & Other Stories" was released in 1977 on Decca Records.  No question Mike Oldfield (and Tubular Bells specifically) had a profound impact on Newman who in turn conceived, composed, and arranged this Celtic-prog fuzed album that clocks in just over 30 minutes.

 Tom Newman plays most of the instruments (like Oldfield) with strong contributions from ex-JULY and JADE WARRIOR bandmate Jon Field (flutes and reeds) and Peter Gibson (brass instruments).

"Faerie Symphony & Other Stories" exudes a deep musical beauty a plays like one continuous piece of pioneering music.  Fans of Tubular Bells will love this album which does share a lot of musical and technical allusions.  

Highly recommend this album to those who still enjoy tripping the light fantastic !

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