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Friday, March 15, 2013

Abbas Mehrpouya - Soul Raga (1968-1976)

Abbas Mehrpouya - Soul Raga

   Over the past few years I have been getting into music from the Middle East and this one was just too much !  "Sick" as my kids say !!!
   Mehrpouya according to transcripts of the Persian مهرپویا was born ايراايران مهرپويا (Abbas Mehrpouya) in Tehran (1927/1992).   Abbas was a Poet, translator, actor, guitarist, sitar , santur and organist who wrote some early trippy-groove based ragas that will blow your mind.
     Basically "soul raga" is a 2 CD compilation from his 45's, compilations and sole LP released.   

    Many of the songs actually on this CD have not ever appeared before and likely not heard much outside of Iran.  If you are a fan of the Big Jim Sullivan album "sitar beat" or love to groove to Ananda Shankar's 1970 marvelous debut sitar-pop album then you will love this album too!

    Soul raga is a wild compilation ranging from smooth and silky sitar vibes to full on sitar-laden funk outs!  The song "African Jumbo" is worth the price of this album alone...talk about a trip!
    Some of the songs are instrumental and some have vocals.......Abbas has a great deep and assuring voice which works very well with the tablas, flutes, pots and pans and sitars.
    This is the perfect taxi soundtrack album of all time for my money !!!
Brilliant .....hypnotic.......exotic and a very cool album !

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