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Friday, March 15, 2013

Max Webster (1976)

Max Webster 1976)

  Back in the day we called this the "Blockhead album".....and no question this album was part of my growing up.   My brother and I listened to this album to death and to this day remains a treasure of the 70's Canadian Rock scene !

   Max Webster always straddled the line between Rock 'n Roll and Progressive Rock and this debut album is no exception.  

I also remember buying this album while in Sudbury Ontario at a Records On Wheels shop.......yikes that is a long long long time ago.

After hearing this album Kim Mitchell became a household figure and I can't tell you how many times we rocked out to this.

"Hangover" and "Here Among The Cats" are 2 of the best 70's Canadian rock tracks ever IMHO!

 Blockheads was remastered magically by the folks at Rock Candy and this is THE best version I have ever heard.  Terry Watkinson's keyboards finally get the real treatment here and you can hear just how key his playing was.  This mix also brings out subtleties that I have never heard before and has an extra depth that is all new to me.

 Max Webster was also produced by Rush's Terry Brown so it does have a very good vibe and sound about it!

 This was a great band and this album is just awesome............if you r a fan of Max then you owe it to yourself to get THIS version......

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