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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Anathema - Weather Systems (2012)

Anathema - Weather Systems (2012)   5.1 Mix
  Anathema have made a wonderful transformation from metal to symphonic prog over their past few albums.  2010's "We're Here Because We're Here" got a lot of attention thanks to the contribution of Steve Wilson and is another excellent album.   Weather System is  another excellent album all the way thru and I think even more adventurous than "Were Here".
   The sure have embraced the symphonic and stringed aspects of their music and I think this album might just be the break thru for Anathema.  Vincent Cavanaugh has a beautiful voice and on songs like "untouchable part 2" when he combines harmony with Lee Douglas you clearly are carried off into another dimension.
   The 5.1 Mix is excellent too !   I love this album !      

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