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Monday, November 5, 2012

Gabor Szabo - Dream (1968)

Gabor Szabo - Dreams, 1969 remastered

I have been under the spell of this unique guitarist for a few years back now and continue to find gems in his back catalogue.  "Dreams" was one of the first Szabo albums I picked up and remains one of my favourite of the lot.

  For those who don't know much about Gabor Szabo I can assure you that he was one of the most original and intriguing guitarists to emerge in the 1960s with his unique mix of  Hungarian folk, pop, psych and jazz forms.   Right from the opening number ‘Galatea’s Guitar’, it is pretty obvious that this album is like nothing you may have heard before.  I am actually quite surprised that this album (and Raga for that matter) are really considered Jazz.   If Szabo released "Dreams" in 2012 he likely would have been on the ECM label.   Through the 7 vignettes Szabo and his cast of musicians take us on a wonderful voyage into Dreamland.  I love the combo of Szabo's guitar and Gary McFarland’s fine string arrangements with their Eastern raga-like influences.  No question that ‘Dreams’ is one of Gabor Szabo’s finest albums.

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