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Thursday, November 29, 2012

John Zorn - Mycale (2010)

John Zorn - Mycale  (Masada Book Two Angles) (2010)

  John Zorn has been recently reinterpreting the Masada songbook thru different lenses.    Mycale is a record that stands out as unique even amongst the vast catalog of John Zorn.
  This time Zorn presents 11 tracks based on the Book of Angels in a capella form, arranged and performed by four female singers  (Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Basya Schechter (leader of the superb Pharaoh's Daughter), Sofía Rei Koutsovitis and Malika Zarra)  

   The Masada songbook is a series of jazz /world music interpretation using "Jewish scales" and performed by musicians hand picked by Zorn himself !
Mycale is a beautiful album and offers some of the most captivating vocals and harmonies all sung is a Capella style.  These ladies create some huge moods and atmosphere and is so far away from anything I have ever heard before.
John Zorn is a musical explorer who does not conform to any genre or style....and that Is aht I find so intriguing about this New York based musician.  
   I want to pick up more in this series and highly recommend any of these to you !
This one is a winner and is an ULTIMATE HEADPHONE EXPERIENCE album !  

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