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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rush - Permanent Waves (1980)

Rush - Permanent Waves (1980), 2007 Mobile Fidelity Recordings

  Ok so who doesn't have at least one Rush album in their house?  Well my childhood was full of Rush music and Permanent Waves was a staple!   Next to Moving Pictures this is my favourite Rush album and era for these Canadian rockers!

    Album was produced by Terry Brown and skillfully remastered by MOFI by Shawn Britton using their GAIN 2 system technology from the original masters so the sounds is pretty awesome and way better than the remaster CD version.  
  Who can forget songs like Spirit Of Radio or Entre Nous of Freewill......this music is timeless.
  Everytime I hear RUSH I get that certain High School days melancholy feeling as these albums were part of me back then.....and still today !
   Lets hear from all of you out there.....what is your favourite RUSH album ?????

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