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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life On Earth - Look !! (2007)

Look!! There Is Life On Earth!, 2007

  Life on Earth is the side project of multi-instrumentalist Mattias Gustavsson from Dungen (one of my modern fav psych bands).   This is a concept album of sorts with all the music on this album written to celebrate the wonderful phenomenon of life on planet EARTH.
  Mattias teams up with a couple of the Dungen dudes and a handful of other space cadets to produce a superb album of Psych-folk!
   Sitars.......groovy rhythms and highly folk-psychy......The vocals are even sung in English this time too!
  Sell Your Soul To Me is one of the great tracks from this album and definitely transcends life on Earth !    I would highly recommend this album to all Psych Alumni's and fans of music who dont mind having their mind expanded.............you among the sculptures ! 

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