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Friday, November 2, 2012

Billy Joel - Glass Houses (1980) MOFI SACD

Billy Joel - Glass Houses MOFI SACD

In 1980 I bought "Glass Houses" on cassette..........yup cassette! And played it over and over again until the chromium dioxide wore off the reels. It wasn't until recently that I repurchased this album on SACD thanks to the folks at MOFI. This was Joel's 7th album and was part of the soundtrack to my life!
"Glass Houses" was remastered by Rob LoVerde at Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs who IMHO did an excellent job in representing this pop-treasure in 2012 with great warmth and clarity. Mr. LoVerde also was responsible for so many of the great MOFI releases.....including the great first Foreigner album (sorry but this album is my fav rock album and he did a great job on that one too)

The song "all for Leyna" is worth the price for this album alone! IMHO the best Joel track ever!

I can not compare this SACD to earlier rebook or other Billy Joel SACD releases ......sorry but I can only share my opinion that this one sure sounds nice and clear and rich at higher volumes.

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