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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Änglagård - Viljans Oga (2012)

Änglagård  - Viljans Oga (2012)

 Änglagård are back !   and what a great "return " album.  For those like me that fell in love with this Swedish prog band and their stunning two studio albums - Hybris and Epilog will love Viljans Oga !

   The entire band are back too with Mattias Olsson (drums),  Thomas Johnson ( pianos and mellotrons), Jonas Engdegård (guitars) and Anna Holmgren (flute and sax) and Johan Brand (bass).

   I had the inside scoop that Anglagard were reforming and just could not wait to hear this album.   Vijans Oga picks up right where Epilog left off with huge swooping ever-tempo changing passages, heavy mellotron laden bits, great drumming, gut moving bass lines and wonderful flute interludes. 

   Anglagard are amongst my personal favourite prog bands of all time and although very different than Genesis, King Crimson, YES and Pink Floyd they exude a deep harmonic musical sensitivity that I just can not get enough of.   If you have not Anglagard then YOU NEED to get their albums........they are all fantastic too.......all of them!

    In a very typical Anglagard style this album has only a few songs....in fact there are only four tracks that make up Viljans Oga....Ur Vilande, Sorgmantel, Snårdom and  Längtans Klocka.
    Definitely my favourite album of 2012 !   a clear winner !