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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Strawbs - Ghosts (1974)

Strawbs - Ghosts

   The roots of the Strawbs were deep in that of folk music and that really never left the side of the band even with their shift into the world of progressive rock.    Dave Cousins really entered the Strawbs into the progressive rock arena with  1972's "Grave New World" which I will have to pull out shortly and review as well cause it is an excellent album.
  It was the inclusion of Yes keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman that got me into the whole music of the Strawbs to begin with and the first album I bought was Ghosts (not knowing that Wakeman had left the band by then).  Ghosts was an album I played over and over and just could not get enough of......and still to this day is one of my favorite prog rock albums.

   I also a big fan of the guitar and vocals of Cousins' partner Dave Lambert who has one of the great rock voices and brings the real rock influences into this band.   Most of the great Strawbs guitar riffs are all compliments of Dave Lambert.
  I have had the pleasure of having seen the "electric" Strawbs now later in their twilight years and will never forget the highly emotional concert at Montreals Prog 'Est....I literally was in complete different world that night and it was a musical night I will never forget.....and they plays cuts from "Ghosts" !
   I also have memories of sitting in my best friend's car listening to this album a few years ago and the nostalgia was overwhelming.
  "Ghosts" is more than just an album to listen to....it is an album that you live for ..........

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