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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stanley Clarke - Children of Forever (1973)

Stanley Clarke - Children of Forever

    This was Stanley Clarke's first solo album and is truly a fusion masterpiece raking right up there with some of the fusion inspired Hancock, Miles Davis, Weather Report and Return To Forever albums.

   Clarke has 2/3rds of the Return To Forever classic lineup with Chick Corea and Lenny White joining him on this album.   
  Lead vocalist are split across Andy Bey and Dee Dee Bridgewater who add a great deal to this album.  Dee Dee has an amazing voice and she really helps this album breathe in way it would not have without her.  

  This is just great fusion without taking off too far into self absorption or randomness...the music is very lively yet very soothing.......a hard edge to stay on with Fusion albums often but this one accomplishes this !
   The track "Sea Journey" is an epic 16 minute suite that is one of my favourite Fusion tracks of all time.   

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