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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Duke Pearson - Wahoo (1964)

Duke Pearson - Wahoo

 "Wahoo" is an original self penned six track hard bop jazz masterpiece that you just gotta hear!  This is a crazy good album with tons of life and vim to keep everyone bobbin'.  Duke of course plays the piano while his best friend Donald Byrd (trumpet) along with James Spaulding (sax), Joe Henderson (sax), Bob Crenshaw (bass) and Mickey Roker (drums) round out the chemistry.

  Songs like "Amanda" and "Fly Little Bird Fly" will stick with you forever.  And just when you think you have figured out the whole album, Duke throws in a 2:35 catchy little pop piano piece to keep you on your toes.

 Wahoo both cries and laughs........simply brilliant jazz music for your mind

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